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"RMS have been making exhausts for thirty years with the firm intention of providing our customers with the ultimate exhausting experience.

Our aim is to design and manufacture products to the highest possible standards in order provide the best quality and performance products on the market.

Furthermore, we are committed to providing our customers with an after sales service which will allow our products to be enjoyed for life.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding quality control, however, should any of our products prove faulty due to unsatisfactory workmanship or defective materials, RMS will be happy to provide a replacement. (This is in addition to your regular statutory rights.)

Additionally, if your exhaust becomes damaged at any time (whether you have nailed a bump stop or gone through a stain dyke), in most cases we will be able to offer to repair the exhaust at a minimum cost.

The RMS team are committed to ensuring that all our customers receive maximum enjoyment from our products."


George L. Nutt 

Company Director.